Voice program

In addition to daily master classes, a series of lectures will be given on topics encompassing:

  • Tools for combating performance anxiety

  • Learning successful preparation strategies for performances, auditions and competitions

  • Ornamentation

  • Vocal health for the professional singer and teacher

Singers will be selected to participate in daily master classes of solo vocal literature. Master classes will focus on a variety of subject matter including, but not limited to:

  • Breath management

  • Body balance for the dynamic singer

  • Diction and language nuance

  • Vocal legato

  • Balanced resonation

  • Beauty of vocal tone

  • Efficiency of voice production

  • Performance practice in various styles of singing

  • Communication of text and/or character

  • Incorporating characteristics of a poised performer into a performance presentation



Jeanie Darnell

Misook Yun

Visiting faculty


Mária Temesi

Dr. Michael Baron, Director