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Singers will be selected to participate in daily master classes of solo vocal literature.  Master classes will focus on a variety of subject matter including, but not limited to:


  • Breath management

  • Body balance for the dynamic singer

  • Diction and language nuance

  • Vocal legato

  • Balanced resonation

  • Beauty of vocal tone

  • Efficiency of voice production

  • Performance practice in various styles of singing

  • Communication of text and/or character

  • Incorporating characteristics of a poised performer into a performance presentation


In addition to daily master classes, a series of lectures will be given on topics encompassing:


  • Tools for combating performance anxiety

  • Learning successful preparation strategies for performances, auditions and competitions

  • Ornamentation

  • Vocal health for the professional singer and teacher


Participants will have opportunities to perform in a series of public recitals. Singers wishing to explore small vocal ensemble (duets, trios, and quarters) and/or chamber music may express interest and will be paired with appropriate singers and instrumentalists, enrollment allowing. Auditors are welcome.Requirements for Master Class ParticipantsSingers must bring six performance-ready (prepared and memorized) contrasting selections from the following list:


  • Opera or operetta aria

  • Oratorio or concert aria (with or without instrumental obbligato)

  • Art song in French, German, Italian, or Russian

  • Art song in English

  • Song from musical theatre


Singers must present a mixture of songs and arias that will provide interesting and varied programming for recitals (fast and slow selections from different categories).Singers also must provide the music in advance to his or her assigned accompanist and chamber players. The postmarked deadline is April 15, 2013. Please submit two of the following recorded selections in two different languages with your application for your audition to the summer course:


  • 17th or 18th century Italian song or aria

  • 19th or 20th century French mélodie or German Lied

  • 20th or 21st century British or American art song (may include an arrangement of a folk melody or spiritual)

  • Aria from an opera, operetta, or oratorio

  • Musical theatre selection


For additional information or questions about the summer voice program, please contact:


Jeanie Darnell,

D. M. A. Associate Professor of Voice and Head of Vocal Studies

Bower School of Music

Florida Gulf Coast University

10501 FGCU Boulevard South

Fort Myers, Florida 33965-6565

Office phone: (239) 590-7548


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