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Join us for an immersive summer experience designed to elevate your flute playing skills and nurture your career aspirations, whether you're a professional, an amateur with a passion for flute, or somewhere in between.

Our comprehensive program integrates traditional flute training with specialized coaching in career development, circular breathing techniques, and stage performance anxiety control. Through daily group sessions, you'll refine your tone, intonation, and technique while exploring effective practice methods tailored to your individual needs.

Experience the thrill of solo performance as you present repertoire pieces in our daily masterclasses, receiving invaluable feedback from our esteemed faculty and fellow participants. From unaccompanied works to pieces accompanied by piano, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your talents and refine your stage presence.

Expand your musical horizons through our chamber music component, where you'll collaborate with fellow woodwind musicians in duets, trios, quartets, and quintets. Whether you come with a pre-formed chamber group or join forces with new acquaintances, you'll benefit from ensemble rehearsals, expert coaching, and public performances to showcase your collective artistry.

Join us for a summer of inspiration, growth, and unforgettable musical experiences. Elevate your flute playing and prepare for the next stage of your musical journey.


Iva Ugrčić

Dr. Iva Ugrcic

An award-winning Serbian flutist Dr. Iva Ugrčić is one of the most exciting and adventurous flutists in the international pantheon. Known for her “amazing virtuosic technique, impeccable intonation, and gorgeous rich tone throughout the registers” (The American Prize 2023), she has garnered international acclaim. Her performances, both as a soloist and a collaborator in chamber and orchestral settings, have graced renowned music festivals and venues across the world.

Named the "Musician of the Year for 2018" by the Well-Tempered Ear and “Woman to Watch 2022” in BRAVA Magazine, Dr. Ugrčić enjoys unique and versatile career as a performer, speaker, educator, entrepreneur, and music advocate. A versatile and adventurous artist, Iva has resided in Serbia, Germany, and France prior to her relocation to the United States.


 After completing her Bachelor degree at the University of Belgrade (Serbia), Dr. Ugrčić moved to Paris (France), where she received a full scholarship from the Albert Roussel Foundation. During three years in Paris, Dr. Ugrčić studied flute performance and chamber music at the École Normale de Musique de Paris "Alfred Cortot" (ENMP) and Le Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental de musique, de danse, d’art dramatique de Creteil “Marcel Dadi” where she worked intensely with flutists Pierre-Yves Artaud and George Alirol.

In 2017, Ugrčić completed her Doctor of Musical Arts degree at University of Wisconsin - Madison as a recipient of a prestigious Paul Collins Wisconsin Distinguished Fellowship. Since then, Iva won the Irving Shain Competition, multiple concerto competitions, and received the James Smith Orchestra Award for excellency and leadership. Additionally, she won the C.R.E.A.T.E. Project Competition at the 46th National Flute Association (NFA) Convention as well as the UW Arts Business Competition, was awarded the first prize from The American Prize for the chamber music performance, Silver Medal at the International Vienna Competition, and was a finalist for the Pro Musicis International Award in NYC.


As an avid supporter of new music, Dr. Ugrčić frequently collaborates with composers on the creation of new works to expand the flute repertoire. She is especially passionate about embracing diversity in her performances by elevating music featuring underrepresented perspectives and lived experiences, with a special focus on collaborating with women composers.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Ugrčić is the Founder & CEO/Artistic Director of LunART, an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to support, inspire, promote, and celebrate women in the arts. Under her leadership in 2022 alone, LunART received a Silver Lining Award for outstanding contribution to the art community, and a Programming Award from the International Alliance for Women in Music. 
Furthermore, Iva is the Owner & Coach at Artistic Wealth Coach, LLC., offering financial and career coaching services to artists and creatives globally.

Her latest achievement involves earning national recognition by winning The American Prize in solo performance, professional division, in September 2023. Dr. Ugrčić’s most recent solo album, "Gates of Dream: Flute Works by Doina Rotaru," released through Music & Arts, underscores her steadfast commitment to showcasing works by women composers. The album will be available on all streaming platforms starting March 15, 2024.

Dr. Iva Ugrčić's journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication, artistic excellence, and visionary leadership. Her ability to transcend boundaries, embrace diversity, and champion innovation make her a remarkable figure in the realm of music and culture.

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